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Over 40s Makeup Lessons

Have you worn the same makeup for years and years and now it doesn't look right anymore?

Are you a mature woman who's skin has changed and lost it's glow?

Do you feel the makeup world doesn't relate to you anymore?

As a woman in my 50s myself I know how this all feels! Even though I've been a makeup artist for 23 years I still had to reevaluate my own makeup when I rewatched makeup tutorials I'd recorded in lockdown and realised that my makeup just didn't suit me anymore!

I can teach you step by step how to:


  • Choose makeup colours that flatter you - and are age appropriate

  • Neutralise darkness around your eyes to make them 'pop'

  • Lift hooded eyes

  • Create youthful, radiant looking skin - learn which shade of foundation and blusher will be perfect for you!

  • Choose the correct shade of lipstick

  • Set your makeup so it stays put all day

Learn how to make yourself look amazing and feel super confident!

I've taught these lessons to ladies from 40 to over 80 years old whatever your age if this sounds like just what you need then why not book for an individual lesson or bring a friend lessons are always great fun!

Or treat someone to a one to one lesson so they can learn how to bring out their beauty and feel amazing!



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From the moment I met Juliet she immediately put me at ease with the combination of her warm personality and expertise in her field. I am a ‘fifty something’ who just wanted guidance on colours and make up application to suit a skin that is changing at a time of life when trends no longer matter and it’s just about what suits me and how comfortable I feel.

Juliet was just great! She immediately understood my dilemma and my make up lesson was brilliantly informative - not just telling me what to do - but actively ensuring I could recreate my ‘new’ makeup by both showing me herself on one side of my face and then letting me have a go on the other side of my face.

We had lots of laughter as I got the hang of various techniques!

I came away with make up that suits me and that I feel confident to do myself. A really fun, and worthwhile lesson that I would highly recommend.’

Jenny xxx

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